AC Propulsion logo

AC cars Propulsion logo

Founded 1992
Founder Alan Cocconi
Headquarters San Dimas, California, USA
Official website

The original AC Propulsion logo is a monochrome system consisting of two curves that even those who are far from physics can see to which brand their vehicles belong.

Indeed, one of the principal directions of the work of the brand is the development of electric vehicles. A double helix, which in some ways can be associated with a DNA spiral, in the company logo symbolizes the movement of life, development, innovation and movement towards future.

AC Propulsion logo

The brand name – AC Propulsion became the basis for the logo in both symbolic and graphic sense. Correct and conservative, but the smoothed font supplemented the picture, giving the “open” structure of the logo a logical conclusion. Unlike most of its partners and competitors, AC Propulsion has refused to include its logo in a certain closed structure, leaving prospects for development. After all, this does not even need to violate the pre-established framework.

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