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Welcome to AUTO-ENCI-PEDIA, the most complete car encyclopedia

Our car database, developed since 1991, includes more than 20.000 car brands and 100.000 models. A new volume is released each every two or three months.

The books can be shipped anywhere in the world.

What is “The most complete car encyclopedia” book series.
 This is the most complete car encyclopedia book, ever published, with more than 20.000 car brands and 100.000 car models.
 The database for the book, including texts for the volumes, was completed early in 2013, after a long process, started in 1991, with a continuous daily work, totalling more than 50.000 hours.
 Since autumn 2013, I have started publishing “The most complete car encyclopedia”, in a series of volumes. As the first volume has already been released, all the other volumes will be published with a release pace of a new volume, each every two or three months, making the collector’s effort easier.
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How is the book series structured?  
“The most complete car encyclopedia book series”, includes all the car manufacturers in the world, from all the times, with all their models.
All the brands are sorted in alphabetical order, starting from A to Z. Each volume covers only a fraction of the alphabet. For example, the first volume, covers all the brands that have a name starting with numbers and also all the brands that have a name, starting with letters from AA to AL.
This first volume, covers in total: 362 car brands and 1353 car models.
How are the models of the car brand structured ?
The models inside a brand are structured in 4 categories:
-series production models (including kit-cars and also replicas, but only if the car replica was built under a different brand and model name, from the original car)
-concepts and prototypes
-race cars (official or semi-official race cars, including single-seater racers, like Formula One, Formula 3000, Indy Car, etc)
-caochbuilt models
Inside each category, all the models are listed in chronological order.
Each brand has it’s information text and each car have besides a complete gallery an information text and car specifications.
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